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About Us
Questions asked when trying to decide on a company.
Has the company been in business long enough to know its business?
Yes, we are a third generation air conditioning family, starting in 1927.

Does the company sell leading brands of high efficiency equipment?
Yes, we can get any brand desired.

Does the company provide continuing training for its employees?
We are always giving our employee up to date information and encourage them to improve as a matter of self-pride.

Are the company's employees covered by liability insurance?
Yes, we are insured.

Is the company state and locally licensed and bonded?
Yes, we are both bonded and licensed.

Is the company committed to 100% customer satisfaction?
We are! Our employees are excellent, committed workers who take charge and follow through on all tasks.
  • Committed to fulfill or exceed the requirements of our valued customers.
  • Quality at the least cost through productivity enhancement.
  • Work in partnership with customers and coordinate with other subcontractors to reduce delay on projects.
  • Provide quality workmanship to give a finished product that both Rassac and you the customer can be proud of.
  • Provide a safe and healthy work environment.
Project Management
  • When we accept a job, we accept all responsibilities related to its agreement.
  • Our responsibility continues through final acceptance and warranty periods.
  • Keeping on schedule is of great importance, as we know that any hold up can cost money.
  • We will meet your deadlines and your quality demands.
Here at Rassac, we are three generations strong in the Refrigeration, Heating, Ventilation and Air-conditioning trade. Michael Rohan started Refrigeration Sales and Service in 1927’, where he established, with his knowledge of refrigeration and lots of hard work, an opportunity for his offspring to follow the tradition of the family business. THOMAS ROHAN the eventual founder of RASSAC, took his father’s trade and the family business to the next level. Thomas not only had the talents in repairs, but he also had a great understanding of the business side of the company.

Thomas started working with his father as a young teenager. As Thomas moved forward into his teen years he went into the Air Force Reserves. He worked with the cooling systems for jets, along with other heating, ventilation and air conditioning needs.

Thomas got married and now had to think about his future. There was not only his family to support, but he had four brothers with families that the business had to support. Thomas decided to get his HVAC Contractors License and venture the company that his father had built, into the heating, ventilation and air conditioning part of the industry. His hard work paid off. The second generation had taken control of the company’s growth and named it Ressac, short for Refrigeration Sales, Service and Air Conditioning. The company grew strong and big enough to support six families.

Thomas’s sons and daughter also began working with him and began learning about the family business from the bottom.

Cary, Tim and Erin were the only third generation offspring to take on the serious challenge of learning the family business. In 1989 Thomas felt it was time to take on a new challenge. So he left the very successful family business he built, to his brothers. Thomas started a new company called RASSAC, an acronym for Rohan and Associates Sales, Service, Air Conditioning. Thomas took his children and started a third generation of Rohans, in the refrigeration, heating, ventilation and air conditioning trade. He again built his company offering great service and a quality product to the public. Thomas Rohan passed away November 19, 2001. Not before passing on his knowledge, work ethic and commitment to excellence, to the third generation of family.